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Apollo 15 Miniature LRV License Plates

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Artifacts flown to lunar orbit are rare. Those carried in the lunar module to the moon's surface are rarer still. Artifacts carried out onto the lunar surface during the EVAs are perhaps the ultimate space collectible, and these miniature licence plates, carried on Apollo 15, the fourth moon landing, and the first mission to use the lunar rover for extended scientific exploration of the moon, are some of the few ever to have come onto the collector's market.

These miniature license plates were manufactured by Boeing (makers of the Lunar Roving Vehicle itself) especially for Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott as a memento of the first lunar rover.

Scott beside the Apollo 15 Luanr Rover

Scott beside the lunar rover

Apollo 15 flown miniature LRV license plate

One of the miniature license plates carried by Scott

The miniature plates were made of lightweight aluminum and measure just 1¼" x ½" (32mmx20mm) in size. They are marked with the registration number "LRV 001", with "MOON" as the home state, the year 1971, and the NASA and Boeing logos.

The plates were prepackaged in a pack smaller than a pack of gum, which was stowed in the left knee pocket of Scott's space suit before the launch and remained there until after his return to Earth. They were in space for 12 days 7 hours from the launch on July 26 to the splashdown on August 7 1971. More importantly, they spent nearly 67 hours on the moon (from July 30 to Aug 2 1971), including 18h 30m of EVAs, and were carried on LRV itself for around 17 miles (27.9km) across the lunar surface.

FLOWN availability - Dave Scott has stated that he does not know how many license plates were in the pack. Kim Poor of Novaspace, who was the first to offer them for sale on Scott's behalf, thought there were around 20 in total. Victoria Campbell of Aurora Galleries, who took over sale of the plates a few years later, thought there were around 12. It is estimated that around sixteen examples have been sold from primary sources to-date.
They were initially offered at around $22,500 each, although prices fetched at auction have varied significantly since then. The three examples sold in 2012 and 2013 fetched $15,808, $14,011 and $16,698.

'Full-size' replica license plates

Apollo 15 souvenir license plate

Although no examples are known to have been flown as souvenirs, it's also worth mentioning the 'full-size' replica LRV001 license plates produced by Boeing at the time of the Apollo 15 mission.

These aluminum plates measure 7¾ x 4¾" (195 x 200mm) and are marked along the bottom "Replica of the Apollo 15 license plate for the first manned lunar roving vehicle". They were likely produced in limited numbers and distrubuted by Boeing as commemorative or promotional items to NASA and Boeing VIPs and key workers on the project.

Examples sold in recent years have sold for upwards of $150 at auction.

Annex: Miniature LRV001 license plates sold at auction or identified in private or museum collections

NumberSourceSold viaSale DateLot no.PriceReference / Notes
1ScottSuperiorOct 26 1996509$6,900Mounted on board with silver thread crew patch.
Inscribed "To the Lunar Rover Team" by Scott.
2ScottSuperiorOct 31 19981298$2,875Mounted on crew signed board with silver thread crew patch.
With personalized inscription.
RRAuctionMay 23 2012448$15,808Auction listing 
3ScottNovaspaceLate 90sn/a$22,500Several sold direct.
4ScottNovaspaceLate 90sn/a$22,500Several sold direct
5ScottNovaspaceLate 90sn/a$22,500Several sold direct
6ScottSuperiorOct 28 2000808$18,400Mounted with silver thread crew patch on Scott signed presentation.
7ScottAuroraApr 27 2002254$13,800Auction listing (text only) 
8ScottAuroraOct 26 2002450$8,625
9ScottAuroraAug 16 200397$5,875Sold at Automobilia auction ;
Mounted with "My favorite car!" photo.
HeritageApr 1 200941189$21,510 Auction listing 
10ScottAuroraNov 8 2003708$9,600Auction listing 
RRAuctionMay 23 2013590$16,698Auction listing 
11ScottAuroraApr 24 2004634$4,700Auction listing 
AstroAuctionJan 26 2005n/a$7,500
12ScottAuroraApr 22 2005631$9,988Auction listing 
13ScottAuroraApr 1 2006570$4,800Auction listing 
14ScottHeritageApr 21 201041148$11,353Auction listing 
15ScottRRAuctionSep 22 2011587$11,858Auction listing 
16ScottRRAuctionNov 29 2012523$14,011Auction listing 
17ScottRRAuctionNov 21 2013639$13,190Auction listing 
18?ScottRRAuctionMar 12 2014396$13,190Auction listing 
19?ScottRRAuctionNov 20 2014475$12,806Auction listing 
20?ScottRRAuctionDec 10 2014384$11,542Auction listing 
21?ScottRRAuctionApr 28 2015260$11,272Auction listing 
22?ScottRRAuctionAug 12 2015549$8,538Auction listing ; UNSOLD? 
RRAuctionApr 13 2016451$9,195Auction listing 
23?Wordenn/a1978n/aN/APrivate collection. Mounted with silver thread crew patch on Worden signed presentation.
24?ScottRRAuctionApr 21 20166507$9,871Auction listing 
25?ScottRRAuctionApr 20 20178336UNSOLDOn crew-signed personalized presentation (named inked over)
RRAuctionNov 16 20179174$19,335Auction listing 
26?ScottRRAuctionApr 19 20186526$14,868Auction listing 
27?ScottRRAuctionJun 13 2018116$31,729Mounted with flown mini flag ; Auction listing 
28?ScottRRAuctionOct 18 20184400UNSOLDMounted with flown mini flag
RRAuctionApr 18 20195240$34,378Mounted with flown mini flag ; Auction listing 
29?ScottRRAuctionOct 17 20192327UNSOLDMounted with flown mini flag
RRAuctionApr 16 20208340UNSOLDMounted with flown mini flag
RRAuctionOct 15 20204279UNSOLDMounted with flown mini flag ; Auction listing 
30?ScottRRAuctionApr 22 20213413$27,500Mounted with flown mini flag ; Auction listing 

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