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The Apollo 13 Franklin Mint Medallions

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The Franklin Mint created a special sterling silver medallion for the Apollo 13 mission, with 200 individually serial-numbered examples being struck and given to mission commander James Lovell for him to carry in his Personal Preference Kit.

Apollo 13 Franklin Mint medallion

A Franklin Mint Apollo 13 medallion from Lovell's collection

For some time it was believed that these medallions were indeed flown, as was the case for the medallions produced for Apollo 14, but subsequently returned by Lovell to the Mint to be destroyed.

However, in recent years it was determined that the medallions were in fact never flown and instead were kept by Lovell himself as mementos.

Apart from the serial numbers on the rims, these 38mm diameter medallions can be differentiated from the commercial versions issued by the Franklin Mint after the flight by the fact they show the names of the original scheduled Command Module Pilot Thomas K. Mattingly on the reverse rather than Jack Swigert, who replaced Mattingly just days before lift-off.

Although not flown, these low-mintage medallions from Lovell's personal collection are highly sought-after by collectors, as evidenced by the significant prices they fetch at auction (see annex below).

Annex A: Unflown Apollo 13 Franklin Mint medallions sold at auction or identified in private or museum collections

S/NProvenanceSold viaSale DateLot no.PriceReference / Notes
0013LovellRRAuctionOct 18 20184381$1,521Auction listing 
0015LovellRRAuctionApr 28 2015220$643Auction listing 
0025LovellHeritageNov 14 201950403$875Auction listing 
0027LovellHeritageNov 2 201852624$1,875Auction listing 
0029LovellRRAuctionApr 19 20186476$779Auction listing 
0033LovellRRAuctionApr 18 20195217$656Auction listing 
0034LovellHeritageNov 2 201852626$2,500Auction listing 
0036LovellRRAuctionApr 16 20208312$681Auction listing 
0037LovellRRAuctionOct 17 20192312$963Auction listing 
0040LovellHeritageMay 10 201950762$1,813Auction listing 
0045LovelleBayJul 27 2020274437452121$3,500Auction listing 
0054LovellHeritageNov 14 201950404$750Auction listing 
0056LovellRRAuctionApr 16 20208313$681Auction listing 
0059LovellHeritageMay 10 201950761$1,500Auction listing 
0077LovellHeritageJun 5 202050191$1,313Auction listing 
0095LovellHeritageNov 1 201340244$875Auction listing 
0102LovellSothebysJul 20 202166$4,788Auction listing 
0103LovellHeritageNov 10 201750144$1,875Auction listing 
0114LovellSothebysJul 20 2019168$3,250Auction listing 
0115LovellHeritageMay 21 202150330$813Auction listing 
0117LovellHeritageNov 14 201950431$750Auction listing 
0118LovellRRAuctionOct 20 20227359$795Auction listing 
0119LovellHeritageNov 2 201852625$2,375Auction listing 

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