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The Gemini Fliteline Medallions

by Howard C. Weinberger

Originally published by Heritage Auctions
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Although the astronauts were focused intensively on the success of their missions and staying alive, the idea of carrying a few mementos aboard their historic space flights for self, family, and friends was something they did still consider and had prepared. The first manned space missions, the six Mercury missions, flew odds and ends like dimes, paper money and a few personal items.

Gemini 3 Fliteline medallion

Gemini 3 'Fliteline' medallion

Beginning with the Gemini program, someone, still unknown, took the initiative to have small coin-like medallions made for the flights. They were designed with the mission emblems on the front and mission dates engraved on the reverse. Of the twelve Gemini missions, ten of them, Gemini 3 through Gemini 12, were crewed.

There is a mission medallion produced for each of the crewed Gemini missions. Some of the medallions have surfaced over the years in their original boxes that have the name Fliteline on them. In the absence of hard evidence to date, the collecting community has therefore elected to refer to these Gemini medallions as The Fliteline Medallions.

The medallions do not have a makers mark. The specifics seem to have been lost with time and there is no certainty as to who the maker was. Other than the Fliteline clue, the Balfour Company has been the only other name to come up in a few conversations with some of the astronauts, but nothing has been reliably confirmed. The Balfour Company is probably best known for making school class rings. Unfortunately, circumstantial evidence and the testaments of the astronauts are the only way to provide even this basic background about these enigmatic, yet very important medallions.


  • The Fliteline Medallions are not numbered.
  • There is no population data on the Fliteline Medallions.
  • There are sterling medallions and gold-plated over sterling medallions, which are both marked as sterling.
  • There are brass metals and what look to be silvered brass medallions, which may in fact be another type of base metal. No metal analysis has been done to date.
  • The same company produced them all.

The best we can figure out and what we do know

The fact that the medallions are not numbered is frustrating to collectors because that leads to the issue of not knowing how many were produced. In discussions with a number of astronauts, it is accepted that a relatively small number of them were produced, probably between 100-200 of each. They were purchased through the Astronaut Office and available only to the astronauts. These were not open to purchase by other NASA employees or contractors. They were a private affair and all arranged within the Astronaut Office.

They should all be considered as flown medallions. Any of these medallions that have been offered thus far have come directly from the astronauts directly or their families, and all have stated that they were flown. I agree with this conclusion based upon another point. The Robbins Medallions, the next generation of flown medallions, that took over for the Fliteline medallions, began with the first crewed Apollo mission, Apollo 7. The history and data for the Robbins Medallions is solid and reliable. All Robbins Medallions that were produced for Apollo 7 though Apollo 14 were flown. There were no unflown medallions. Apollo 7 and the Robbins Medallion tradition began in 1968. The Gemini missions operated in 1965 and 1966. It seems logical that the Fliteline Medallions would have set the precedent, therefore acceptable to believe that all were flown.

Another point to consider is the very small size of the Fliteline Medallions. Weight was always a major consideration on all crewed missions. The Fliteline Medallions are approximately a quarter to a third of the size and weight of the upcoming Robbins Medallions. As the programs matured and experience was gained, weight restrictions seemed to ease a bit. In fact, it is interesting to observe that the Robbins Medallions became progressively larger as each Apollo mission flew.


There has been some commentary written suggesting that there were 100 medallions struck for each mission; 90 in sterling and 10 in gold-plated silver, but that has yet to be definitively confirmed.

As to why some were made of sterling and others not was probably a monetary issue. The astronauts paid for these out of their own pockets, and in those early days, they were not making much. My own personal conclusion is that who ever was in charge of handling a mission order was given a choice by the manufacturer as to what metal they wanted them struck from. Obviously, a metal like brass as compared to silver would be less expensive. I believe it may have been that simple. To date, I have not found any mix of metals used for the same flight. In other words, all medallions for a mission were either made of silver or brass or other base metal. For instance, all Gemini 5 medallions found thus far have been sterling. There have been no brass or base metal ones discovered. And, all Gemini 8 medallions found thus far are brass or base metal and no sterling ones have been reported.


I have noticed that under magnification, the brass or base metal medallions seem to be covered with a thin coat of clear lacquer. This was probably applied to avoid tarnishing or oxidation.

The following is the listing of Gemini Fliteline Medallions and their compositions known to date. Both silver and gold plated or colored versions are believed to exist for all the missions:

  • Gemini 3 Sterling
  • Gemini 4 Sterling
  • Gemini 5 Sterling
  • Gemini 6 Brass or base metal
  • Gemini 7 Brass or base metal
  • Gemini 8 Brass or base metal
  • Gemini 9 Sterling
  • Gemini 10 Brass or base metal
  • Gemini 11 Sterling
  • Gemini 12 Brass or base metal


Although this report is anything but conclusive, it is the first attempt to reach some conclusions about these great and historic medallions.

The Gemini Fliteline medallion lucites

Addendum by Chris Spain
Set of Gemini Fliteline medallions

A lucite presentation containing a complete set of Gemini 'Fliteline' medallions, one of 24 such lucites produced

It is worth mentioning here the existence of lucite presentations that were produced some time after the end of the Gemini program. Each lucite contained a complete set of ten flown silver-finish Fliteline medallions from Gemini 3 through to Gemini 12.

There were apparently twenty four of these lucites produced. Given that we have seen several of these lucites sold at auction from the collections of Gemini astronauts we can safely assume that 16 of these lucites went to the astronauts who flew on the missions: Grissom, Young, White, McDivitt, Cooper, Conrad, Borman, Lovell, Schirra, Stafford, Scott, Armstrong, Cernan, Collins, Gordon and Aldrin.

Another of these lucites sold at auction came from the collection of Deke Slayton, and it seems likely that Alan Shepard was also a recipient. In 2014 another example came to market that had been presented to Life magazine editor Edward Thompson, and in 2021 a set from Christopher Kraft was sold at auction.

The distribution of the remaining four lucites is open to speculation - NASA upper management, the President and Vice-President, are all possibilities.

The Apollo 1 Fliteline medallions

Addendum by Chris Spain

In a direct continuation of the Gemini program tradition, the Apollo 1 crew had a number of Fliteline medallions minted for their mission. These medallions were og brass or base metal, with some examples plated in gold, and were significantly larger than previous Fliteline medallions, measuring 31mm across compared with around 25mm for most of the Gemini medallions.

Of course these medallions did not get to fly on Apollo 1 so the reverse of the medallions have no mission dates engraved. However, it is worth noting that James McDivitt actually carried some of the Apollo 1 Fliteline medallions on the Apollo 9 mission in honor of the Apollo 1 crew - 6 silver medallions were apparently carried, one for each of the children of the Apollo 1 astronauts, and 2 gold medallions, one for each of the widows. These medallions had the dates of the Apollo 9 mission engraved on the reverse.

Below are examples of Fliteline medallions from each mission, showing both the silver and gold-plated versions of each medal.

Gemini 3 Fliteline medallion Gemini 3 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 3 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 3 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 3 Fliteline medallion : sterling silver

Gemini 3 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated sterling silver

Gemini 4 Fliteline medallion Gemini 4 Fliteline medallion

No gold-plated Gemini 4 Fliteline medallion examples found

Gemini 4 Fliteline medallion : sterling silver

Gemini 5 Fliteline medallion Gemini 5 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 5 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 5 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 5 Fliteline medallion : sterling silver

Gemini 5 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated sterling silver

Gemini 6 Fliteline medallion Gemini 6 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 6 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 6 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 6 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Gemini 6 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Gemini 7 Fliteline medallion Gemini 7 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 7 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 7 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 7 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Gemini 7 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Gemini 8 Fliteline medallion Gemini 8 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 8 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 8 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 8 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Gemini 8 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Gemini 9 Fliteline medallion Gemini 9 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 9 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 9 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 9 Fliteline medallion : sterling silver

Gemini 9 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated sterling silver

Gemini 10 Fliteline medallion Gemini 10 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 10 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 10 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 10 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Gemini 10 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Gemini 11 Fliteline medallion Gemini 11 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 11 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 11 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 11 Fliteline medallion : sterling silver

Gemini 11 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated sterling silver

Gemini 12 Fliteline medallion Gemini 12 Fliteline medallion back Gemini 12 gold Fliteline medallion Gemini 12 gold Fliteline medallion back

Gemini 12 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Gemini 12 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Apollo 1 Fliteline medallion Apollo 1 Fliteline medallion back Apollo 1 gold Fliteline medallion Apollo 1 gold Fliteline medallion back

Apollo 1 Fliteline medallion : brass / base metal

Apollo 1 Fliteline medallion : gold-plated brass / base metal

Annex A: Fliteline medallions sold at auction or identified in private or museum collections

Mssn.FinishProvenanceSold viaSale DateLot no.PriceReference / Notes
Gemini 3SilverGrissomAuroraMay 31 2003284$3,128Charm bracelet with other flown items
Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 25 20244011$12,513Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverAuroraNov 8 2003184$978Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverAuroraApr 24 2004173$588Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverCooperAuroraOct 15 2005145UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraApr 1 2006128$1,293Auction listing 
RRAuctionMay 23 2013187UNSOLD
HeritageMay 14 201440057$2,438Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverStaffordBonhamsApr 26 20121075$1,375Auction listing 
BonhamsApr 13 20101087UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 3SilverGrissomChristiesSep 18 199932$2,530Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverHammackGoldbergNov 7 2009527$235Inscribed "From Betty & Gus"
Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverJoe GarinoHeritageSep 20 200725285$1,076Auction listing 
Gemini 3Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240060$1,016Auction listing 
HeritageJun 2 202250121$2,375Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverHeritageApr 18 201340049$837Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverEx-YoungHeritageNov 2 201852436$4,000Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverGrissomHeritageMay 10 201950652$6,250Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverGrissomRRAuctionApr 16 20208072UNSOLDStick pin attached
RRAuctionOct 15 20204049$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 3SilverCooperHeritageNov 21 202050046$4,250Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldEx-GrissomFarthest Reachesunknownn/a$2,595Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldAuroraApr 24 2004172$646Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomBonhamsJul 16 200962$2,745Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852437$6,563Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomGoldbergNov 7 2009526UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomSuperiorOct 28 1995344
Gemini 3GoldRegency-SuperiorOct 11 2007258Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999395$575
Gemini 3GoldEx-GrissomHeritageApr 18 201340050$2,868Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldEx-GrissomCollectSpaceJun 28 2014n/a$1,500Direct sale 
Gemini 3GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852168$16,250Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldStaffordHeritageMay 10 201950651$5,500Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomGoldbergDec 1 2022168$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomHeritageMay 19 202350089$6,000Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomHeritageDec 14 202350052$4,750Auction listing 
Gemini 3GoldGrissomHeritageJun 14 202450023$2,500Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 28 1995354
Gemini 4SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 28 1995353With White's list of recipients for medallions
Auction listing
SuperiorMay 18 1996202$978With White's list of recipients for medallions
Auction listing
AuroraNov 8 2003195$2,070With White's list of recipients for medallions
Auction listing 
Regency-SuperiorApr 21 2006692$2,300With White's list of recipients for medallions
Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 23 1999265$1,955
Gemini 4SilverWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999404$1,323
Gemini 4SilverWhiteAuroraNov 8 2003196$2,875Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverWhiteAuroraNov 8 2003197$1,380Auction listing 
Direct SaleJan 8 2012n/a$1,400
Gemini 4SilverAuroraApr 24 2004185$764Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverAuroraOct 2 2004126$737Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006689$9,775Lot with astronaut pin & Apollo 1 Fliteline
Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006690$3,450Lot with SP & Apollo 1 Gold Fliteline
Auction listing 
HeritageNov 12 201452039$2,750Lot with SP & Apollo 1 Gold Fliteline
Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverWhiteRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006691$1,553Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittHeritageSep 20 200725286$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverFreemanRegency-SuperiorOct 11 20071With ring for ribbon. Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverWhiteGoldbergNov 7 2009536$1,763Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852438$4,625Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-WhiteRRAuctionMay 23 2012171$1,231Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittRRAuctionMay 23 2012172$1,805Auction listing 
HeritageMay 19 202350092$3,500Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverLunar LegaciesJun 2 201278UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittHeritageApr 18 201340054$2,390Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-ConradRRAuctionMay 23 2013189$1,319Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverRRAuctionNov 21 2013264$1,016Auction listing 
RRAuctionOct 20 20227078$1,411Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852169$9,375Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-WhiteHeritageNov 2 201852439$5,000Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivitteBayJul 27 2020264809623871$2,000Auction listing 
HeritageNov 21 202050049$5,000Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittHeritageNov 21 202050050$3,500Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-WhiteRegency-SuperiorApr 19 2007With flown mustard seed & signed phot
HeritageNov 21 202050048$3,750With flown mustard seed & signed photo ; Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittRRAuctionApr 22 20213071$3,750Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverKraftHeritageMay 21 202150037$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverField EnterprisesHeritageJun 2 202250122$6,250Auction listing 
Gemini 4SilverEx-McDivittHeritageJun 14 202450024$4,250Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverCooperSuperiorFeb 25 1995183$242Sold in lot with gold medallion
Gemini 5SilverCooperSuperiorOct 28 1995369
Gemini 5SilverCooperSuperiorMay 18 1996218$518
Gemini 5SilverConradSuperiorOct 31 1998505$661
Gemini 5SilverWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999421$552
Gemini 5SilverConradChristiesSep 18 199938$2,990Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverConradChristiesMay 9 200138$1,998Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverAuroraNov 8 2003215$920Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverAuroraApr 24 2004201$1,763Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-CooperHeritageSep 20 200725287$1,793Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverConradBonhamsJul 16 200972$2,745Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852442$7,500Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-ConradHeritageOct 8 200941024$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverConradBonhamsApr 26 20121400$1,750Auction listing 
Gemini 5Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240061$1,016In bezel ; Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverHeritageApr 18 201340055$896Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-ConradRRAuctionMay 23 2013188$1,118Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverHeritageNov 1 201340063$1,063Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-ConradBonhamsApr 8 2014125$2,500Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-CooperRRAuctionOct 18 20184109$2,455Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852170$7,500Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverCooperSothebysNov 29 2018100$3,000Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-ConradHeritageMay 9 201950661$7,500Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverArmstrongHeritageJul 16 201950033$4,000Auction listing 
Gemini 5SilverEx-ConradRRAuctionApr 22 20213056$3,145Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldEx-CooperSuperiorJun 25 1994284$437
Gemini 5GoldCooperSuperiorFeb 25 1995183$242Sold in lot with silver medallion
Gemini 5GoldSuperiorOct 28 1995368
Gemini 5GoldSuperiorOct 25 1997240$978
Gemini 5GoldEx-WhiteFarthest Reachesunknownn/a$2,495
Gemini 5GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858094$956Auction listing 
RRAuctionOct 20 20227105$1,553Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldCooperBonhamsApr 13 20101090$2,196Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852441$35,000Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldEx-ConradHeritageApr 18 201340056$1,673Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldRegency-SuperiorMay 24 2013104$952Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldHeritageNov 1 201340064$938Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldArmstrongHeritageMay 9 201950120$2,500Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldEx-ConradHeritageMay 9 201950660UNSOLDAuction listing 
HeritageNov 14 201950190$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 5GoldHeritageNov 21 202050058$2,000In lucite cube; Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverSuperiorMay 16 1998447$288Set in a key chain
Gemini 6SilverWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999441$604
Gemini 6SilverStaffordChristiesSep 18 199942$1,150Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverAuroraNov 8 2003223$1,035Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340057$956Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverStaffordBonhamsApr 13 20101095$1,830On card ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverSchirraBonhamsApr 26 20121088$2,500With LOA ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240063UNSOLDIn holder ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverLovellHeritageNov 2 201240045$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverHeritageMay 20 201652012$1,563Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverStaffordBonhamsJul 20 2016103$3,500On card ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverHeritageNov 11 201650015$1,250Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilvereBayOct 27 2018173594236921$905Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverEx-SchirraHeritageNov 2 201852443$8,750With LOA ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverStaffordSothebysNov 29 2018102UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 6SilverStaffordHeritageMay 10 201950663$6,000Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverSchirraHeritageMay 10 201950706$2,125Auction listing 
Gemini 6SilverSchirraRRAuctionApr 22 20213074UNSOLDat $1,921.25
RRAuctionOct 21 20213078$3,126Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldAuroraNov 8 2003222$4,313Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldSchirraBonhamsJul 16 200976$2,074Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldJoe GarinoHeritageSep 20 200725288$2,510Auction listing 
RRAuctionJun 25 20155015UNSOLD
RRAuctionOct 23 20159120$2,671Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858095$956Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldSwigertNate D SandersMay 29 2014102$4,375Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldSwigertNate D SandersJul 31 2014332UNSOLDAuction listing 
HeritageMay 22 201552037$1,375Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldHeritageMay 20 201652011$2,000Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldHeritageNov 11 201650014$2,750Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldStaffordRRAuctionApr 19 20186154UNSOLDAuction listing 
RRAuctionDec 13 20186250$2,369Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852171$8,125Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldStaffordHeritageMay 10 201950662$3,000Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldSchirraHeritageMay 10 201950705$5,250Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldunknowneBayAug 10 2019333290878706$710In lucite ; Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldSchirraRRAuctionOct 20 20227083$2,324Auction listing 
Gemini 6GoldStaffordRRAuctionOct 19 20237030$1,880Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999435$506
Gemini 7SilverunknownAuroraNov 8 2003230$1,035Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340058$777Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellHeritageOct 7 200841066$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellHeritageApr 1 200941037$1,195Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852445$10,000Encapsulated ; Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 18 20195059UNSOLDEncapsulated
HeritageJun 5 202050016$8,750Encapsulated ; Auction listing 
Gemini 7Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240065$956In bezel. Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellHeritageNov 2 201240047$1,434Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellHeritageApr 18 201340359$956In bezel. Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellHeritageNov 1 201340071$688In bezel. Auction listing 
RRAuctionOct 20 20227081$1,186Auction listing 
Gemini 7SilverLovellRRAuctionApr 22 20213070UNSOLDat $4,693.75
RRAuctionOct 21 20213076$3,126Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldAuroraNov 8 2003229$4,888Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldEx-BormanHeritageSep 20 200725289$3,107Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340059$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858096$956Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldLovellHeritageApr 1 200941038$2,629Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldLovellHeritageOct 8 200941030$1,135Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldLovellHeritageApr 21 201041023$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldLovellHeritageNov 30 201140021$2,271Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldEx-CarrHeritageNov 6 201552010$1,156In bezel ; Auction listing 
HeritageJun 2 202250130$2,125Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldEx-LovellHeritageNov 2 201852446$10,625Auction listing 
Gemini 7GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852172$9,375Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverAuroraNov 8 2003234$978Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverAuroraApr 24 2004219$1,528Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverEx-ScottHeritageSep 20 200725290$2,390Auction listing 
Gemini 8Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240067$1,165As medallion ; Auction listing 
RRAuctionNov 20 2014135$1,912Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 20 20239130$2,500Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverEx-ScottHeritageApr 18 201340060$5,527Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852173$11,875Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852186$11,250Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852187$12,500Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageMay 9 201950122$10,000Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageMay 9 201950123$10,000Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageJul 16 201950035$28,750Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageJul 16 201950036$20,000Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 14 201950025$3,875Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 14 201950026$3,875Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 21 202050344$5,250Auction listing 
Gemini 8SilverArmstrongRRAuctionApr 22 20213064$6,704Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldScottRRAuctionNov 29 2012191$4,562Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldSchirraBonhamsApr 26 20121096$6,875Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldCooperBonhamsJul 16 200977$5,490Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858097$1,434Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340061$1,673Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999449$1,208
Gemini 8GoldScottRRAuctionJan ? 2017311$4,027Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldScottRRAuctionJun 13 2018119$3,369Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldEx-CooperHeritageNov 2 201852447$30,000Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldScottRRAuctionDec 13 20186268$4,343Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageMay 9 201950124$9,063Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageMay 9 201950125$11,250Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 14 201950023$8,125Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 14 201950024$6,875Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageJun 5 202050121$8,750Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongRRAuctionApr 22 20213063$9,375Mounted with other flown items ; Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 25 20244254UNSOLDat $12,513 ; Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 12 202150331$8,750Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageMay 19 202350101$5,000Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldScottRRAuctionOct 19 20237181UNSOLDMounted with other flown items ; Auction listing 
Gemini 8GoldArmstrongHeritageJun 14 202450035$4,500Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverAuroraNov 8 2003249$920Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-CernanHeritageSep 20 200725291$1,793Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340062$1,315Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverWeitzHeritageMar 25 200858135$2,629Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
HeritageMay 11 201850015$8,125Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverCernanHeritageOct 7 200841007$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-SchirraHeritageOct 7 200841155UNSOLDPin back ; Auction listing 
HeritageApr 1 200941159$1,195Pin back ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverHeritageApr 18 201340063$837Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-CernanHeritageNov 1 201340078UNSOLDTie clip. Auction listing
HeritageNov 2 201852460$1,563Tie clip. Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-CernanPrivate saleOct ?? 2014n/a$1,625
Gemini 9SilverunknownRRAuctionApr 21 20166169$1,299Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-SchirraRRAuctionOct 18 20184112$2,375Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852174$5,500Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-CernanHeritageNov 2 201852461$4,500Pin back ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-CernanHeritageNov 2 201852462$2,000Hole at top ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverSchirraSothebysNov 29 2018104UNSOLDHole at top ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-StaffordHeritageMay 10 201950665$7,500Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverEx-SlaytonRRAuctionOct 17 20192193$1,553Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverWordenRRAuctionApr 22 20213324$1,165Auction listing 
Gemini 9SilverCernanRRAuctionApr 20 20239132$2,505Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldSuperiorMay 18 1996244$719
Gemini 9GoldAldrinSuperiorMay 16 1998480A$1,093
Gemini 9GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999455$690Auction listing
Gemini 9GoldBeanAuroraMay 31 2003206$1,725Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldAuroraNov 8 2003248$2,415Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldDukeHeritageMar 25 200858062$2,629Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340064$1,076Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858098$956Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldStaffordBonhamsJul 16 200978$3,965Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852449$32,500Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldunknownFarthest ReachesCurrentn/a$1,850Currently on sale ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-CernanHeritageNov 1 201340079UNSOLDTarnished ; Pin back. Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852450$4,000Tarnished ; Pin back ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-CernanHeritageNov 1 201340080UNSOLDHole at top. Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-CarrHeritageNov 6 201552013$563Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-CernanHeritageNov 2 201854463$1,750Hole at top. Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-CernanHeritageNov 2 201852464$2,000Hole at top, ex-pinback ; Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-StaffordHeritageMay 10 201950664$5,500Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldEx-SwigertHeritageJun 5 202050017$2,250Auction listing 
Gemini 9GoldStaffordRRAuctionApr 22 20213075UNSOLDat $2,646.25
RRAuctionOct 21 20213079$3,126Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverunknownAuroraNov 8 2003260$920Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-BeanAuroraNov 8 2003261$1,955Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverunknownAuroraApr 24 2004240A$1,410Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340065$837Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverSchirraBonhamsJul 16 200979$1,342Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-CollinsHeritageSep 20 200725292$1,434Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverLousmaHeritageMar 25 200858118$956Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 22 20213068UNSOLDat $1,411.25
RRAuctionOct 21 20213074$3,366Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverWeitzHeritageMar 25 200858135$2,629Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
HeritageMay 11 201850015$8,125Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageApr 1 200941098$1,673Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201852451$5,250Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageOct 8 200941034$896In lucite ; Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageOct 8 200941035$2,271Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageApr 21 201041030$1,315Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageJun 3 201141043$1,135Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverFreemanRegency-SuperiorOct 11 20072With ring for ribbon.
Gemini 10Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240068$837in cloison ; Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 25 20244033UNSOLDat $ 1,138 ; Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageApr 18 201340361$3,107Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverYoungHeritageNov 1 201340085$2,000Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-GibsonRRAuctionNov 21 2013265$763Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverCollinsHeritageMay 14 201440074$2,125Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverSwigertNate D SandersJul 31 2014333UNSOLDAuction listing 
HeritageMay 22 201552040$1,063Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-YoungeBaySep 7 2014271553966226$750
Gemini 10SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852175$5,500Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverWordenRRAuctionApr 22 20213325$1,613Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-YoungRRAuctionApr 22 20213076UNSOLDat $1,587.50
RRAuctionOct 21 20213081$3,599Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverCollinsHeritageJun 2 202250084$9,063Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverCollinsHeritageDec 15 202250053$6,875Auction listing 
Gemini 10SilverEx-YoungHeritageMay 19 202350104$1,563Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldCollinsAuroraOct 2 2004144$1,645In lucite ; Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldDukeHeritageMar 25 200858063$1,315Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858099$956Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldLovellHeritageApr 1 200941099$2,868Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageOct 8 200941036$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageApr 21 201041031$1,135Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageApr 21 201041032$896In lucite ; Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageJun 3 201141042$956Auction listing 
eBayJan 29 2013290851916598$1,650Resale of above ; Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999460$1,150
Gemini 10GoldEx-DukeHeritageApr 18 201340066$717Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageApr 18 201340362$4,780Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageNov 1 201340086$1,125Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldEx-CarrHeritageNov 6 201552015$750Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldEx-YoungHeritageNov 2 201852452$5,750Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldGordonHeritageMay 10 201951117$1,375Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldEx-YoungHeritageMay 10 201950666$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldYoungHeritageNov 21 202050061$2,125Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldCollinsHeritageJun 2 202250083$6,250Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldCollinsHeritageDec 15 202250054$5,250Auction listing 
Gemini 10GoldEx-YoungHeritageDec 14 202350061$3,250Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverAuroraNov 8 2003269$920Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverGordonAuroraApr 23 2005165UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraOct 15 2005190UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraApr 1 2006149$1,528Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverConradBonhamsApr 13 20101103$1,220Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverConradChristiesSep 18 199949$2,300Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverGordonGoldbergApr 17 2010389$764Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverWeitzHeritageMar 25 200858135$2,629Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
HeritageMay 11 201850015$8,125Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverEx-ConradHeritageOct 7 200841161UNSOLDAuction listing 
HeritageApr 1 200941038$2,629Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverLousmaHeritageJun 3 201141050$1,076Auction listing 
Gemini 11Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240069$717Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverEx-ConradHeritageApr 18 201340067$896Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverunknownRRAuctionDec 9 2015557$858Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverConradBonhamsJul 20 2016107$1,125Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852176$6,000Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverEx-ConradHeritageNov 2 201852455$11,250Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverEx-ConradHeritageMay 10 201950676$6,875Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverGordonHeritageNov 21 202050074$1,875Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverGordonHeritageNov 21 202050225$2,375Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverWordenRRAuctionApr 22 20213326$1,479Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverEx-ConradRRAuctionApr 22 20213055UNSOLDat $1,921.25
RRAuctionOct 21 20213067$3,129Auction listing 
Gemini 11SilverConradRRAuctionApr 20 20239134UNSOLDat $1,280
Gemini 11GoldBeanAuroraMay 31 2003209$1,725Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldAuroraNov 8 2003268$1,725Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldGordonAuroraApr 23 2005164UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraOct 15 2005189UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraApr 1 2006148UNSOLDAuction listing 
AuroraOct 21 2006198UNSOLDAuction listing
AuroraApr 14 2007317Auction listing
Gemini 11GoldConradBonhamsApr 26 20121100UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 11GoldConradBonhamsJul 16 200981$1,098Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldConradChristiesMay 9 200155$1,645Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldConradGoldbergNov 7 2009539UNSOLDWith flow flag & patch
Auction listing 
GoldbergApr 17 2010387$4,113With flow flag & patch
Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldGordonGoldbergApr 17 2010388$911Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradHeritageSep 20 200725293$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldDukeHeritageMar 25 200858064$1,315Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858100$956Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999464$805
Gemini 11GoldSuperiorJun 25 1994302$368
Gemini 11GoldHeritageApr 18 201340068$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradRRAuctionNov 21 2013266$1,490Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradBonhamsApr 8 2014133$1,750Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldDukeRRAuctionNov 20 2014139$1,383Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradBonhamsApr 21 201540UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-CarrHeritageNov 6 201552016$813Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldGordonHeritageNov 2 201852453$5,750Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradHeritageNov 2 201852454$12,500Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldConradSothebysNov 29 2018107$5,250Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldEx-ConradHeritageMay 10 201950675$6,875Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldKerwinHeritageNov 21 202050073UNSOLDAuction listing 
Gemini 11GoldKerwinHeritageJun 2 202250134$1,875Auction listing 
Gemini 11GoldConradRRAuctionApr 25 20244041UNSOLDat $2,841 ; Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverBeanAuroraNov 8 2003280$2,185Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverAuroraApr 24 2004261$1,410Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverAuroraOct 2 2004152$823Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverLousmaHeritageMar 25 200858119$956Auction listing 
RRAuctionJun 25 20155023$1,164Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverWeitzHeritageMar 25 200858135$2,629Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
HeritageMay 11 201850015$8,125Charm bracelet with 4 medallions - GT 9/10/11/12
Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverLovellHeritageApr 1 200941041$1,076Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverAldrinSuperiorOct 31 1998617$529
Gemini 12SilverEx-AldrinFarthest ReachesCurrentn/a$1,900Currently on sale ; Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverGibsonFarthest ReachesFeb 1 2007n/aunknown
Gemini 12SilverLunar LegaciesJun 2 201280$649Auction listing 
Regency-SuperiorOct 3 201396$833Auction listing 
Gemini 12Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240071$717Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverHeritageApr 18 201340069$1,076Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverRRAuctionOct 23 20159136$858Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852177$6,000Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverEx-LovellHeritageNov 12 201852453$9,375Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverWordenRRAuctionApr 22 20213327$1,165Auction listing 
Gemini 12SilverAldrin familyHeritageNov 12 202150161$3,500Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellHeritageSep 20 200725294$2,629Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldDukeHeritageMar 25 200858065$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldKerwinHeritageMar 25 200858101$956Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldLovellHeritageOct 7 200841071$1,195Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldLovellHeritageApr 1 200941042$1,434Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldLovellHeritageOct 8 200941042$1,315Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldLovellHeritageApr 21 201041048$1,135Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldAldrinSuperiorFeb 25 1995242$242
Gemini 12GoldAldrinSuperiorOct 31 1998616$1,006
Gemini 12GoldLovellRegency-SuperiorApr 16 2009148Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999475$834
Gemini 12GoldLunar LegaciesJun 2 201281$885Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellHeritageApr 18 201340070$1,016Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldRRAuctionMay 22 2014134$1,383Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-CarrHeritageNov 6 201552018$688Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellHeritageMay 19 201750049$3,750Auction listing ">
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellHeritageNov 2 201852457$9,375Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-AldrinRRAuctionApr 22 20213050UNSOLDat $3,876.25
RRAuctionOct 21 20213065$4,165Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellRRAuctionApr 22 20213069UNSOLDat $2,563.75
RRAuctionOct 21 20213075$3,126Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldAldrin familyHeritageNov 12 202150162$2,750Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldSlaughterRRAuctionOct 20 20227076$2,069Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldAldrin familyHeritageDec 14 202350064$2,750Auction listing 
Gemini 12GoldEx-LovellHeritageJun 14 202450030$2,375Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverSlaytonAuroraNov 8 2003145$13,800Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverCernanAuroraApr 24 2004147$12,925Auction listing 
HeritageOct 8 200941019$7,170Auction listing 
HeritageMay 11 201850012$32,500Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverYoungHeritageApr 1 200941095$11,353Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 28 1995330
SuperiorOct 25 1997209UNSOLD
GoldbergFall 1999485$7,700
GoldbergJul 28 2019908$10,800Auction listing 
HeritageNov 14 201950183$21,250Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverAldrinSuperiorMay 16 1998382$6,325
Set of 10SilverThompsonRRAuctionMay 22 2014132$13,622Edward Thompson, editor of Life magazine. Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverGordonHeritageNov 10 201750017$25,000Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverKraftHeritageMay 21 202150031$30,000Auction listing 
Set of 10SilverCollinsHeritageDec 15 202250057$20,000Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverSchirraRRAuctionMay 23 2012252$853Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverGrissomChristiesSep 18 199987$2,530Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverGrissomChristiesMay 9 200199$2,115Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverHammackGoldbergNov 14 200872$720Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverGrissomGoldbergNov 7 2009574$270Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverHammackGoldbergNov 7 2009574$353Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverWhiteGoldbergApr 17 2010410$2,970In lucite
Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeHeritageJun 3 201141063$1,793Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverCooperSuperiorFeb 25 1995289$242Flitelne box #49
Apollo 1SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 28 1995507
Apollo 1SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 23 1999447$2,530Flown by McDivitt on Apollo 9;
Apollo 9 mission dates engraved on reverse
Apollo 1SilverWhiteSuperiorOct 23 1999449$604
Apollo 1SilverWhiteSuperiorMay 15 1999616$1,438
Apollo 1SilverRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006689$9,775Lot with astronaut pin & Gemini 4 Fliteline
Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverRegency-SuperiorOct 11 2007317Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverGrissomAuroraMay 31 2003284$3,128Charm bracelet with flown items
Auction listing 
RRAuctionApr 20 20239168$10,038Flown on Apollo 9. Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeHeritageNov 30 201140033$3,585Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeHeritageNov 2 201240093$1,434Auction listing 
Apollo 1Silver[Rathman]HeritageNov 2 201240077$1,135Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverEx-WhiteHeritageApr 18 201340071$4,481Flown on Apollo 9.
Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverYoungHeritageApr 18 201340371$1,016Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeHeritageNov 1 201340119$1,063Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeHeritageMay 14 201440087$2,000Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverunknownRRAuctionApr 19 20186278$1,470Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverEx-WhiteRRAuctionOct 20 20227217$6,250Flown on Apollo 9.
Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverChaffeeRRAuctionOct 20 20227177$7,320Auction listing 
Apollo 1SilverSchirraRRAuctionDec 15 202266$1,213Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-WhiteRRAuctionMay 23 2012251$1,465Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldGrissomRRAuctionMay 23 2012253$2,448Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldWhiteAuroraNov 8 2003401$978Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldAuroraApr 24 2004354$940Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldWhiteAuroraApr 24 2004355$1,175Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldGoldbergNov 7 2009573$576Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldunknownHeritageSep 20 200725295$1,195Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldChaffeeHeritageJun 3 201141062$1,195Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldWhiteSuperiorOct 28 1995506
Apollo 1GoldWhiteSuperiorOct 23 1999448$1,035
Apollo 1GoldRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006690$3,450Lot with SP & Gemini 4 Fliteline
Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldWhiteRegency-SuperiorApr 21 2006736$3,450Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldChaffeeHeritageNov 30 201140032$5,378Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldChaffeeHeritageNov 2 201240094$4,780Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-WhiteHeritageApr 18 201340072$9,560Flown on Apollo 9.
Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldYoungHeritageApr 18 201340372UNSOLDAuction listing 
Apollo 1GoldChaffeeHeritageNov 1 201340120$1,500Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldunknownRRAuctionNov 21 2013370$1,355Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldunknownHeritageNov 12 201452062$2,063Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-WhiteRRAuctionJun 25 20155033$2,328Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-ChaffeeHeritageNov 2 201852515$20,000Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldArmstrongHeritageNov 1 201852213$275,000Flown on Apollo 11 LM ; Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-ConradRRAuctionApr 18 20195156$3,328Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldGrissomHeritageMay 10 201950729$10,625Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldEx-WhiteRRAuctionOct 20 20227216UNSOLDat $9,390. Flown on Apollo 9.
RRAuctionApr 20 20239168$10,038Flown on Apollo 9. Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldWhiteRRAuctionDec 15 202265$1,750Auction listing 
Apollo 1GoldGrissomRRAuctionApr 20 20239171$3,676Auction listing 

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