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About this site

Any collector of items related to the early days of the space race will tell you that some of the most sought-after items are those which were actually carried into space on the missions themselves. These may be in the form of souvenirs, pieces of equipment from the flights, or even pieces of hardware that have been converted into mementos.

The heart of this site is the Guide - a list of various types of space-flown artifacts, divided into three fairly broad categories. The list of items is not exhaustive, and is focused largely on Apollo flown items, with Gemini and Mercury items included where possible. I've tried to limit the guide to the types of flown artifacts that appear reasonably frequently at auction.

It's important to note that this site is a work in progress. I have not yet created guides for every category of item - only those shown in blue have been written so far. Also, the information given in each guide is limited by the resources available to me - stowage lists, NASA online resources, space auction listings and so on - and observations I've made over my years of space collecting.

I'm sure there are collectors or ex-space workers out there with a great deal of information to add for many of the flown artifacts mentioned in this guide. I look forward to receiving additional details and corrections from vistors, which I will try to add to the site as time allows.

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